30 March 2014


Hey Ya’ll!

I just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know of some exciting things that have happened recently!

  1. If you haven’t already heard, I have switched blogging platforms! You will still be able to find my old posts from my Blogger site on my new WordPress site! I hope that you all enjoy the new site and that it is more easier to navigate!
  2. I am now a writer for Asia 24/7! Asia 24/7 is a K-Pop site that brings you info on everything from the latest music to celebrity news! My first article went up yesterday and I could not be more excited! Please check it out and let me know what you think! Also, please support Asia 24/7!
  3. I have posts in the works! YAY! – As you all know. I’ve been slacking a bit (okay a lot!) but I have some posts in the works and I’m excited to share them with you all! Stay tuned!

As always, I thank you for staying with me and checking out my blog! I am grateful and I do not take it for granted!


Ciara <3

19 March 2014

K - D R A M A | You're The Best Lee Soon Shin Review

You're The Best Lee Soon Shin!

I have to be honest – I did not how this would go. I’ve tackled dramas being over 30 episodes and the results usually aren’t that well. Either I start the drama, end up heartbroken and refuse to watch the rest or I get a bit bored at the repetitiveness. Excuses aside, I finally finished a lengthy drama and in this case, I am so glad that I did.

You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin is a story about Lee Soon Shin, a regular girl going about her everyday life. After the sudden death of her father, Soon Shin meets CEO Shin who offers her a contract at his agency. While training to become an actress, Soon Shin & CEO Shin began to fall in love with each other while she finds out that her idol, famous actress Lee Min Sook, is actually her biological mother. As Soon Shin tries to make sense of everything that is going on, her senior and former girlfriend of CEO Shin, Choi Yeon Ah despises the fact that Soon Shin is taking her life away and decides to get revenge. Throughout all the trials that Soon Shin faces, she manages to rise to the top.

Although the plot isn’t entirely original (normal girl who loses a parent, adopted at birth, on her way to stardom, the fact of that watching a drama while in a drama yet saying “This is not a drama!”, ect.), I believe that the cast of LSS keeps the story fresh.

Soon Shin, who is portrayed by IU, really surprised me. I wasn’t sure of how good IU was going to be because it was my first time seeing her act. IU made me believe that she was Soon Shin. I think that she brought enough of herself (such as her bubbly personality) to Soon Shin but it didn't overpower the character. For me, I know that if I view a person as the character they portray and not the person, their character seems believable. I believed that IU was Soon Shin. I could understand and empathize as she went through figuring out that her family really wasn't her family, especially when she had to deal with the repercussions of her mother.

Despite the fact that Soon Shin’s dad passed away, getting scammed by a fake CEO and finding out that her family isn’t her biological family, she finds a friend and love interest in CEO Shin, portrayed by Jo Jung Suk.

Jo Jung Suk. Where do I even begin?

*fan-girl moment*

I've watched his previous dramas as well as Architecture 101 and he never disappoints. What I like about him is that he embodies the character so fully. Whether he was giddy or sad, embarrassed or hurt or even defeated, Jo Jung Suk showed us that. He also solidified his place on my husband list. I can't wait to watch more of his work.

One of my favorite storyline’s from the drama would have to be the brewing love between Hye Shin (Soon Shin’s older sister) and Jin Wook. Although both Hye Shin, a recent divorcee and Jin Wook, a former boxer come from different backgrounds, they manage to make their love work despite the trials that they have faced. A scene that stands out for me would have to be when Jin Wook is talking to his apprentice about how he is in love with Hye Shin. When he says that he knows she is too good for him and how he loves the way she smiles and he cries, I mean, how can you not tear up? Usually when people cry in K-Dramas or feel that something is sad, they cry. I'm not that type. I think "Ah that is sad. Well....let's see what happens next...” I'm not fazed by it. But Jung Woo has changed that.

Another scene that I love would be Hye Shin’s confession to Jin Wook – just as heartfelt, teary and surprisingly funny. Grab your tissues, folks!

Another great thing about LSS would have to be the soundtrack. One of my favorite songs from the drama is “I Only See One Person” by Changmin of 2AM and Dahee of GLAM. I loved listening to the song throughout the drama, but it was especially moving during the scene where Soon Shin & CEO Shin share their first kiss.

Although I enjoyed this drama, there are a few things that disappointed me.

As with most dramas, I feel that this story-line is overplayed. While the cast did do a good job of keeping the drama entertaining, I wish the writer(s) would have figured out a new way to present the story. Due to this fact, I feel that a lot of the acting, albeit great, has been seen before. Another disappointment would be the ending. To me, the ending felt a bit rushed. I don’t think that the ending should have been stretched to another episode, but I wouldn’t have minded a few more minutes to make it seem more complete.

I could honestly fan girl and go on about how much I loved the cast and how consistent the drama was, but I’ll leave the rest for your viewing pleasure.

Rating: 4/5 - Solid story line. Great cast & great chemistry between IU & Jo Jung Suk. Found a new husband (and amazing actor) in Jung Woo. Likable ending and beautiful OSTs. Give them a listen.

(KBS World, Dramafever YouTube [1, 2,], SWKarlhyun22's YouTube)

14 March 2014

D I Y | Beaded Charm Bracelets


Green Tea

Pink & Green

Travel Trio

Since I haven't completed a DIY in awhile, I decided to do something that I knew I would enjoy and appreciate. I found a tutorial for beaded charm bracelets and I couldn't be more happier with the result. I decided to choose calming colors. Originally I wanted to make turquoise bracelets, but I didn't find any beads that I liked.

I chose the tea pot and airplane charms because I love to drink tea and I love traveling. Also after I made the Airplane bracelet, I was reminded of "Airplane" by f(x). I can't wait to make these again! Next time I'm going to use regular charms and find more beads! Hopefully I'll have something special in the works soon! Stay tuned!

Delicious by Toheart (Woohyun of Infinite & Key of SHINee)


06 February 2014

The Little Things

As I learn more about myself, I realize certain traits that I have. One of them is the fear of what people think about me. To some, this fear may be silly, but to me it is something that holds me back on the daily. As one of my assignments for my photojournalism class, I had to take pictures of random people. Oh my lanta. Just the thought of that makes me nervous. Talking to people I don't know doesn't make me nervous; entering into their world for a breif moment, does.

Surprisingly, the process went well.

Who knew by introducing yourself magical things could happen? I met people that on a regular day, I wouldn't come in contact with. I learned about a piece of their story and they learned about a piece of mine. For a few moments our life stories intertwined. The fact that I may never see these people ever again is irrevelvant. The fact that they gave me a few moments of their time to come into their world and experience their life was a priceless experience.
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22 January 2014

Music | Top Five ~ 1.22.2014

For some reason, I've been downloading quite a bit of music lately. Some of them older and some fairly new. Here are my top five songs for this week.

Missing You (Natsu Fuji K-Trap Remix) by 2NE1

I don't know if I would say that Missing You is one of my favorite songs from 2013, but I will say that it is one of my most played. I loved the direction of the video and the song itself. However, I think that this remix adds that extra something. So glad that I stumbled upon this.

Happy by Pharrell Williams

I first heard this song when my one of my instructors played it to signify the end of the week. I love this song and this video. What I find really cool about this video, it is the first of it's kind. To see all 24 hours (yes, you read that right) of this video, click here.

Drunk With Music by CNU of B1A4

Firstly, if you haven't listened to their latest album, Who Am I, give it a listen. Although I started paying more attention to them last year, I feel that I didn't pay enough. B1A4 is on their way to becoming one of my favorite groups. That being said, CNU (I declared him my bias even before I knew who they were, just 'cause he was so cute...true story bro) released his solo track and I am in love with it. From the intro I get Rock With You vibes (which is one of my favorite songs, btw). CNU's voice just works with this track. I've been jamming it my car all week. Love it!

Rulers by So Ji Sub featuring Takers

When I found out that one of my favorite actors could rap, I was excited. Then I was slightly amused and now I'm proud. Rulers has such a nice flow. There is a show that he recorded about the making of this album, but unfortunately there are still no subs. I would love to know more about his thoughts behind the music. What I will say is that I appreciate So Ji Sub for trying. Just from watching the show, he seems passionate about what he's doing and I applaud that.

ResQ Me (Live) by Boni

Boni has been one of my favorites for awhile now. After I heard 27 Years, I became a fan. I think she has so much soul to her voice. I'm itching to see her live! There are talks of an English release sometime this year, so I'm looking forward to that. For now, I'll have to keep waiting for her impromptu covers on her Instagram.

That's all for this week. What are some of your favorite tracks?
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06 January 2014

Music | f(x) "Pink Tape" Album Review

(via x)

Happy 2014! I hope that so far your year is going great! For some reason, I decided to do an album review. To be completly honest, I've been wanting to do one of these for awhile, but I always decided aganist it. While chatting in a K-Pop Facebook group, a member mentioned that I should give the latest f(x) album a second chance and I'm glad that I listened. I was surprised, in a good way. I hope that you can look past the grammar errors. I was typing this late one night as I was listening to the album.

Here is my album review for f(x)'s Pink Tape.

Rum Pum Pum Pum: i actually like this. i think i should have listened to this before trying to watch that horrendous music video. when will SM let that metallic box thing go?

Shadow: this was the song that was used in the music video that was dreamy...right? i remember liking this song. it has a dreamy-esque feel to it. very airy and light.

Pretty Girl: the beginning of this song is kinda 'eh' to me. after amber says "baby doll", i think it starts to pick up a bit. this song is kind of fun to listen to. i could imagine this song being a great stage at a concert...only if played right.

Kick: there's not anything really special about this song. this is a song that i could see f(x) or anything pop group performing. energetic and fun.

Signal: this has a throwback feel to it. disco-y? idk, whatever it is, it's working for me. i think i've been sleeping on f(x). i apologize. and amber can sing? awesome. yeah...really loving this!

Step: i like/don't like this song. it's good, but the background beat is one of those beats where if you listen to it to long, it will start to make your head hurt / you feel crazy. idk how to explain it.

Goodbye Summer: D.O! is it too early to say that his voice is one of my favorites in K-Pop? Yes? No? whatever. it is. love the vibe of this song. their voices blend together well. so in love with Luna's voice. i always forget to mention her when i list my favorite female voices. SM let Luna & D.O do a duet. it would be so good.

Airplane: like the flow of this song. like how the dub picks up. i'm not sure how to explain this song: it just works for me. Amber really has a nice voice, ya'll.

Toy: this has a nice flow. i don't know if i have what it takes to review albums...but the flow is nice. this will probably be my first and last time doing this.

No More: I think this is a good song where all of the girls voices shine. no one in particular stands out, but they work. i still can't tell sulli and victoria's voice apart. krystal's voice reminds me of jessica's. and i know how luna and amber sound. but not sulli and victoria. i think that throwback styled songs really let the girl's voices shine. correct me if i'm wrong. wth am i doing?! it's 3:00 a.m. and i should be sleep. i think this album is almost done. we're almost done.

Snapshot: i wonder if they used the same camera clicks that they used in SNSD's "Paparazzi"? anyways, this is an okay song for me. don't dislike it nor do i hate it.

Ending Page: i think this is a good song to close the album out with. again, this flow is totally my style.

Final Thoughts: overall, i think that this album is solid. it has a nostalgic feel to it. from song to song, f(x) keeps their sound consistent. i haven't listened to previous albums nor do i know that many tracks by f(x), but it's one of the best albums that i listened to this year (2013). the weakest song for me is is "Rum Pum Pum Pum". if i would have listened to it before seeing the video, i might have thought differently, but it just feels so sweet and sugary and ugh. i enjoy it, but the music video plays in my mind and eh. 

the strongest song would probably be "Signal" or "Goodbye Summer" or "Ending Page". I really liked those songs the most. also, i don't know Korean and this is also based off listening to it without reading lyric translations. which probably makes a difference.

Rating: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Signal, Goodbye Summer & Ending Page

Hope you enjoyed this. I have some ideas / posts that I can't wait to share with you all!

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31 December 2013

Music | 2013

2013: a mix by ciara

  1. Warm Water (Snakehips Remix) [Extended] | BANKS
  2. 그대 내 품에 You In My Arms (Yoo Jae Ha Cover) | Ha Dong Kyun
  3. Find You | AcE Feat. Jaden Smith & Willow Smith
  4. BizzyTigerYoonmirae | MFBTY
  5. Q.U.E.E.N. | Janelle Monáe Feat. Erykah Badu
  6. Doop | Zion.T Feat. Verbal Jint
  7. Everything | Lee Min Ki w/ 3rd Coast
  8. V. 3005 | Childish Gambino
  9. Dali, Van, Picasso | Beenzino
  10. ***Flawless | Beyoncé Feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche
This is my last mix on / for the last day of 2013. 2013 has been an interesting year. There have been many downs and a few ups, but the most important thing is that I survived. You survived. 

2014 is going to be a great year. One of our best years yet. As you toast to the end of 2013 (or if you're in the future toasting to the beginning of 2014) I hope you remember how all the little things, good and bad, added up to make you the person you are today. And I hope that you remember how amazing 2014 is going to be and conquer your fears and walk into your dreams.

For those I've connected with before, thank you for being apart of my life, even in the smallest of ways. And for those of you that I am just getting to know or will know in the future, it's great to meet you. ^_^

Happy New Year's! 2014 is gonna bring amazingness!

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